I think it’s essential to have a place to sit down while getting dressed in the morning. I’m a little sluggish and sleepy in the morning and if you are anything like me, trying to balance on one foot while putting on a sock is probably not the best idea especially at such an early hour.  The bed is too high and possibly too comfortable to sit on and the floor is just a bad idea so what else can you do? Well, if you have the additional space at the foot of your bed a bench is the perfect solution. 

Dressing Benches

They not only serve a very important purpose but they look amazing. As a finishing piece for the foot of your bed, they can be beautifully transitioned by pulling elements like pillows or blankets onto it. This creates visual consistency and flow which tie the entire space together.

A bench serves as an additional storage solution for books or is a great place to display décor if you don't plan on sitting on it. This piece of furniture can be used solely as another decorative aspect of the room as it finishes off the space quite nicely.

If you want to use it both as a place to sit and a storage solution find a bench that has under seat storage. Tuck extra pillows inside and shut the lid so that they are completely out of view.

Limited space?

If you are tight on space and just don’t have the room at the foot of your bed for a bench, you could place a single chair in a corner of the room beside your dresser or closet. This is a great alternative which will serve your needs while remaining stylish.

Dress it up like you would a bench and surround it with beautiful accessories and a small side table for placing a book or glass of water on. Use this space for more than getting dressed. A place to relax and read a book or have a cup of tea.

Happy Decorating!

AuthorCamille Pacori