Yellow can be an intimidating colour to work with but it is a great way to add excitement, warmth and happiness to any space. A zingy lemon yellow can be used to lift spirits whereas a light enough hue can have a calming effect. No matter what you plan on doing there are a couple simple rules you can follow for a seamless incorporation of the colour yellow into your home.

Layer different shades of yellow for a monochromatic space. Use lighter tints on larger surfaces like walls, floors and ceilings and use brighter tones on smaller accessories so as not to overwhelm the space. 

Ground the space with the colour black. While at least one black element is essential in any room, it is particularly important in a room with bright yellow walls. It neutralizes the intensity of the yellow and creates a richness in the black items.

Place a couple small brightly coloured accents in a fairly neutral room. It adds interest and a pop of colour without overwhelming the space.

Combine colours using the colour wheel. Compliments yellow with soft violets, intense fuchsia and greyish purples for a well balanced space.

A safe way to Incorporate yellow into any room is by adding natural elements like flowers or a bowl of lemons. They add life, colour and fragrance while remaining very cost effective and easily changeable.

Happy Decorating!

AuthorCamille Pacori