I am so excited that its finally spring. The days are already much longer; we have daylight until about 8pm and the warmer weather will soon arrive along with green grass and budding flowers. We are so close to being able to enjoy the perks of spring that barbequing on the deck is just out of reach. 

This winter has been especially painful with excessive snow and extremely cold days but its now time to strip off the extra blankets and prepare the home for spring! Simple and easy adjustments made within the home will refresh and renew each and every space perfect for the warm weather.

Prepare the Home For Spring

Remake Your Bed

Strip off the heavy winter blankets and reduce the number of layers on your bed. Choose a lighter duvet meant for warmer weather and place a cool cotton cover over top. Avoid sheets with a high thread count like Egyptian cotton as they have the tendency to trap warm air and can feel heavy. Sheets with a thread count of 250-300 is a better option as they can be used as the only layer in extreme heat. If its absolutely necessary to have an additional throw blanket on hand choose one made from a lighter knit or fabric and avoid overly bulky blankets.

Switch Out Drapery

Heavy, thick and bulky drapery can make a room feel stuffy in the warmer months so you will want to switch it out for a lighter or sheer option. Doing so will create a breezy appearance which won't weigh the room down. One area in the house that you may want to keep a set of blackout drapes for is the bedroom. The sun rises so much earlier which can be a nuisance on weekends when you are trying to sleep in.

Bring the Outdoors In

Flowers may not have started blooming in the garden just yet but that doesn't mean you cant enjoy fresh cut flowers. Buy a simple and inexpensive bouquet to get an early start on the beautiful colours and scents of spring. Not fond of flowers? Fill a bowl of bright apples or oranges to add some natural colour to your room.

Trade In the Throw Pillows

Switch-out or recover the throw pillows on your sofa or bed with brightly coloured fabrics. It will help to lighten and freshen up the space even if the room is fairly neutral.

Happy Decorating!

AuthorCamille Pacori