You may remember the last time I attempted cutting wine bottles which ended in catastrophe. If not, check out the hilarity of my exploding bottles below. After finally recovering from this failed mess I think it is time to try my hand at this project again.

To cut a wine bottle you will need a couple particular materials.


  • Bottle cutting device, I use a g2 Bottle Cutter
  • Empty wine bottle of any colour
  • Water kettle for boiling water
  • Ice cubes
  • Rag or dish towel to stabilize ice cube
  • Seeds or small starter herb plant of your liking

You want to start by removing all labels and completely clean any residue that remains. I found that peeling the labels by hand as slow as possible meant that they were less likely to rip and leave glue behind. But no matter how carefully I peeled I will still left with some residue. The easiest way to remove this left over glue is with store bought goo gone but I had none. No worries because you can mix equal parts of cooking oil and baking soda to be used as a home made goo gone. Just smear it all over, let it sit for 20 minute then wipe off and wash with soapy water.

Once your bottle is clean you will want to set up your cutting contraption. There are many pieces and it looks confusing but once its put together it all makes sense. Now, actually scoring the bottle can be the tricky part. Too much pressure and it wont cut properly and not enough pressure will create cracks which shoot off in weird directions. This step took me a couple tries before I got a clean score.

After you have a good score line on your bottle you can then boil water in a kettle and set an ice cube on a rag. You are going to alternate by pouring boiling water on the score and then running the bottle over the ice cube. After 4-5 times of repeating this, the top should cleanly pop off. This part always scares me and I scream at it when it happens. When I attempted this the first time I tried the boiling water and ice water bath which resulted in exploded glass.

You will want to sand the cut edges since they will be very sharp. I did this under running water to avoid any glass particles floating in the air.

Plant your herb within the top half of the wine bottle. You may need to remove some dirt and a couple roots to make it fit. Just don't cut too much.

Pour some water in the bottom half of the wine bottle and then place the top half inside the water. Set in a warm and sunny spot and that's all there is to it. This tasty mint will be perfect for yummy mojitos.

Happy Planting!

AuthorCamille Pacori