Eating in the formal dining room as a family every night is becoming a thing of the past which means this space is usually only reserved for special meals, guests and parties. The lifestyle of many families today is nonstop and everyone is always on the go with very little time for the traditional family meal. Dining together has become casual and relaxed usually taking place in the dining nook, living room or even at the kitchen island.

You can make your kitchen island work harder for you by making it a dual purpose piece of furniture. Reserve a section of the island specifically for eating to be used for meals, breakfast and snack time. While this is a very informal solution for a quick meal it can also strengthen the notion that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Children can finish homework while a meal is being prepared and a spouse can check emails as the family cleans the kitchen.

Island on Wheels

Casters on the bottom of your island will give you to opportunity to move or shift it to any location needed. This will allow you to create enough space to fit chairs on both sides for larger gatherings or parties. Wheels with integrated locks will keep your island sturdy and in one place as you are prepping food or kneading dough. Since it moves you will not be able to install any plumbing or electrical appliances.

Large Overhang

While an overhang is absolutely necessary for comfortable seating, it can be enhanced by extending this overhang a couple inches or more. This not only creates additional leg room but it allows you to slide any low back stool completely underneath and out of the way. All prep surfaces of the island will then be easily accessible.

Raised Bar

A raised section of the island will separate the prep surface from the eating area. Bar height stools will raise you up to eye level of who ever is working in the kitchen which will create a more comfortable conversation.

Extended table

A slightly dropped surface attached to the kitchen island creates a separate dining nook table. Different materials are used to visually define the pieces of furniture and what they are used for. An easy to clean sterile surface is used for the prep station while the kitchen is warmed with the brightly stained wood table surface.

Add a Pop of Colour

Since the island is fairly small in comparison to the rest of you kitchen, you can easily paint it a different colour to make it stand out. Add a pop of colour with brightly patterned stool cushions or apply a different counter material on top for a truly unique appearance.

Happy Decorating!

AuthorCamille Pacori