Even though we are currently in the middle of a freezing cold winter and a beautiful garden wouldn't be able to survive more then 2 seconds outside, there is a way to enjoy fresh homegrown herbs all year long even on the worst days. Herbs are fairly easy to grow as long as they receive adequate sunlight, careful watering and nutrients from good soil. They are not only delicious to use in recipes but they fill the air with a beautiful scent and add greenery to your kitchen.

This is a great afternoon pastime for those who have a green thumb that are itching to get back in the garden.

Artistic Wall Garden

A beautiful layered wall planter serves both as a stunning piece of art and a compact herb garden. Any number of herbs can be placed together as long as their water and sunlight requirements are the same so that each one flourishes. Also make sure to leave some space in-between each plant so that they have room to grow.

Create a themed herb wall hanger specifically for Italian or Mediterranean flavours or place one beside your wet bar which includes basil, mint and spearmint to be used in mixed drinks.

Sunken Table Garden

Condiment containers, sunken salad trays or built-in ice buckets create the perfect place for home grown plants. These fragrant herbs are within arms reach while cooking and they also create a pretty center piece. These removable trays also make it extremely easy to water and replant when necessary.

Potted Herbs

Planting your herbs in simple clay or porcelain pots is fail safe. They can be moved to any location at any time to receive better light or in to the kitchen during meal prep time. The nice thing about using pots is that they can be placed outside when the weather warms up. Any fear of a bad storm simply move them back inside for another day.

Happy Planting!

AuthorCamille Pacori