Cooking pots are large, cumbersome and almost impossible to store. Some pots specifically designed to cook pasta are very large so they can take up almost half an entire cabinet shelf. Stacking is also a tedious operation as you usually must remove everything in the cabinet to retrieve the specific pot you need. Don't even get me started on the lids! Where are they supposed to go? They don't stack very well and the cabinet is usually so packed that there simply is not enough room for them.

I think I have found some simple and neat storage solutions for those awkward yet oh so necessary pieces of cooking equipment.

Continuous Wall Rod Pot Storage

A wall mounted rod serves as an easy and simple storage solution for pans, pots and frying pans which leaves you more room for under counter cabinet storage. A stainless steel or a hand crafted rod made from metal pipes or wooden dowels can easily be mounted with brackets. If you want a simpler solution consider using a drapery rod. Once its mounted all you need are hooks to hang the pots.

Divided Pull Out Drawers

Since drawers can be pulled out the entire length you will be able to see everything that is inside including the pots at the very back. You wont need to bend over as far which will reduce pressure on your back and dividing the drawer will create a separate section for lids which will reduce stress.

Under Island Pan Storage

Free standing table-like islands without cabinets is a great place to hang pots and pans. An area that may have once been considered wasted space is transformed into an efficient and useful area. Hooks can be installed directly to the bottom of the island which is a cost effective solution.

Above Island Pot Hanger

This is a more traditional storage solution. Hanging the pots above the island directly across from the stove means that they are easily accessible. You can grab a pot with one hand without having to open a cabinet or shuffling through your collection.

Pull out Hanging Drawer?

This pull out hanging drawer is quite neat as it combines multiple solutions into one. The pots hang which makes them accessible yet they can be tucked away out of sight as easily as shutting a drawer!

Happy Storing!

AuthorCamille Pacori