Having friends over for a games night or just enjoying the company of your family while playing a couple rounds of poker is a great way to spend Saturday night. A little bit of friendly competition, enjoyable company and excitement will unwind you from a week full of hard work and stress. It will also bring you closer to your family and tighten the bond with friends as you work together to bring the other team down! All in good fun though.

Part Time Games Room

Tight on space to dedicate an entire room for a games area? Any table in the home can be used as a game table but an office or library converts fairly easily. Remove the traditional desk as they can be restricting for more than a couple people and add in a comfortable table which can be used for both tasks. Its a hardworking, multitasking and fun office!

Fully Decked Out Games Room

A fully finished basement or attic can be easily converted into a games room. Since these areas are already considered bonus rooms they don't take away any essential living space. Chances are they are already used as a media TV room or man cave and the addition of a game or poker table will transform this room to the next level. If you have extra unused space you could fill it with every type of table game imaginable.

Games on Display

Display your game boards on a wall so that guests know what you have to play. No more digging through a mountain of boxes trying to find a particular game since everything is within eyesight and on display. This wall can also double as an art display.

Make sure that you have adequate lighting so that you do not have to strain your eyes while playing poker or the game of life. 

Place Your Bets, Wet Your Whistle

A fully stocked wet bar or even just a bar cart will keep thirsts quenched while enjoying a hilarious game of charades with your neighbours. Snacks and drinks are definitely a must when entertaining guest as it keeps every one satiated.

Happy Gaming!

AuthorCamille Pacori