I wanted to made one last Easter decoration before tomorrow but didn't have very much free time since I was occupied by eating Cadbury crème eggs. After some consideration of the craft supplies that I had on hand I decided to make a couple quick and easy wreaths. You can find most of these materials around the home or at your local dollar store.


  • Wreath foam form or cardboard cut out
  • Faux silk flowers and leaves
  • Rattan
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors

Not having a wreath form on hand I used a couple bowls as templates and cut a ring out of thick cardboard. The cardboard is sturdy enough to hold its shape and any materials that you add to it but it produces a fairly flat looking wreath. Its not a very big issue because you can layer items to add depth.

Next, I covered the ring with a couple layers of grass like rattan so that no cardboard was showing through. Some ends were hanging loose which created a more natural looking wreath.

Once I was happy with how the rattan looked I then added three faux silk tulips cascading down one side.

Since I had some leftover materials I decided to make another one with just silk leaves and tulips. I covered 3/4 of the wreath in leaves and then covered the remaining space with three tulips. The hot glue gun makes this craft super speedy since it takes a matter of seconds for the glue to harden in place.

Happy Crafting!

AuthorCamille Pacori