So we are having another beautiful spring blizzard here in the great city of Calgary. Well I wouldn't quite call it a blizzard since its more like a flurry but it is equally bad since we are in the second week of spring! I dream of getting away from here to a warm vacation with a 5 star spa but chances are that's not going to happen. If you are in the same predicament as me, why not bring the spa to you.

Create your own staycation spa

Simple and inexpensive items like a face mask, bubble bath and new nail polish can give you the rest and relaxation that you need which can turn any weekend into an extraordinary couple days to recharge your soggy batteries. Enhance this experience with a nice glass of wine or tropical inspired drink to remind you of a beach vacation. 

Step 1: Ditch the Family

I know most of you probably have a family to look after but that doesn't mean that you cant get them out of the house for even a couple hours. Send you boyfriend or husband to a game with his friends, he wont feel like you are trying to get rid of him and he will have a blast as well. See if you can set your children up to spend the night at a friends or even send them to a day camp or club. Even 1 or 2 hours of you time specifically reserved for you will feel amazing.

Step 2: Dedicate this time to you

You may get home and think, “hey, now is the perfect time to clean out the fridge or organize the children's toys since no ones in my way”. Don't do it! Relax and enjoy a soak in the tub or read a book with a cup of coffee. Have some down time for you.

Step 3: Pamper yourself

Get that body scrub you have been dying to try or give yourself a reviving pedicure. A bubbling foot bath can waken tired and sore feet and you don't have to do any of the work.

Other inexpensive items to make your personal spa even more luxurious

Super thick and soft towels feel just like the spa. Wash them in your favourite laundry soap so that they feel and smell amazing.

Put on a bath robe and don't take it off until you are done your spa day. If you are not that into wearing a robe throw on some flannel pajamas or even sweat pants. This is a day for comfort.

Find a fancy bottle of bubble bath. High end products are used at spas so bring some of this quality home with you.

Eat chocolate and fresh fruit. Some spas include a small snack and drink bar for guests which always makes you feel extra special.

Happy Relaxing!

AuthorCamille Pacori