Outdoor water features are relaxing and there is something about the sound of trickling water that helps you to unwind after a crazy and hectic day. The calm and consistent drip of water can be used as a way to meditate or drift off into a long afternoon nap. If you want to install a water feature consider these unique ideas and simple tips to help you get started.

Asian Inspired Water Spout

Create a theme around your water feature and use elements and materials to compliment it. Bamboo can be used as a spout to trickle water into a clay pot and be continuously recycled over and over again. Bring these materials through out the rest of the backyard to create a defined and consistent yard design.

Recycled Rain Water

Even though most water features reuse the same water over and over again you cannot avoid the slow depletion of this essential liquid. Some splashes over the side or naturally evaporates into the air and you will eventually need to replenish it. The bill for this can add up over time but there are ways to reduce this cost if not entirely.  Collect rain water and reuse in your water feature. This is particularly important in areas that don't get very much rain fall or if there is a ban on water usage.

Self Contained Water Feature

If you don't want to go through the trouble of digging out the ground, water proofing and hooking up a water source you can instead install a self contained water feature. These typically only need a bucket of water and an outlet to run. Plug it into an outlet when you are enjoying your backyard and turn it off when you are not using it to save power.

Still Water

The trick behind any water feature is to provide continuous flow. Without movement the water can become murky and filled with debris and algae or slime can coat any surface under the water line. Smooth river stones and gravel can act as a natural filter which will constantly be cleaning the water.

Even though the water in this feature looks still its actually slowly spilling over the edge into the secondary pool. There is enough movement created from the spilling action that the water remains clear.

Water Plants

If you cannot get away from a still water feature consider adding some bright and green water plants. These plants are free floating and typically sit just on top the surface of the water and thrive on the nutrients that collect in the water.

Happy Decorating!

AuthorCamille Pacori