Easter is a time for gathering with family and friends whether or not you associate this time of year with a deeper religious meaning. Chances are you will enjoy a large turkey or ham dinner followed by delicious chocolates and squishy marshmallow peeps regardless of your beliefs. Children enjoy a game of finding hidden treats while adults enjoy a glass of wine.

These traditions were probably passed down to you over time including the task of hosting the yearly Easter family meal. This task also includes the requirement to display a beautiful centerpiece that everyone would be impressed by. You may have a particular centerpiece that you display each and every year but if you are wanting to freshen it up and try something new, consider using these ideas as inspiration for your next Easter table display.

Easter Table Centerpiece Inspiration

Simple and Clean Easter Display

If you would like to keep your table centerpiece display simple yet stunning consider placing colourful plastic eggs inside clear vases topped with large candles. This will provide the display with some fun Easter colours while keeping the overall style reserved and clean. Add a little more interest with a couple ceramic bunnies or chickens.

Pretty and Chic Easter Tablescape

Combine black and white dishes with brightly coloured flowers for a chic and pretty display. Pull the bright colour through to other elements like the napkins or another accessory. This colour combination will not overwhelm the space as black and white act as neutrals while the colour if not over done will add an additional element of interest.

Fresh and Fragrant Table Display

Cut fresh spring flowers from your garden if they have sprung up yet or buy them from a local flower store. Mix different flowers and colours together and place them in a couple vases equally spaced in a single line. The mix of colours will make you immediately think of spring while the fragrance fills the room.

Easter Tulips

Tulips are probably one of the spring flowers that is mostly associated with Easter as they are early bloomers. Place single flowers of the same colour in small clear vases and randomly place them in the center of the table. It will look as if these flowers have sprung up from the table and will bring the outdoors in.

Earthy Grass Centerpiece

Spring makes me think of fresh green grass. The smell is so earthy and bright and the colour has been long missed. Bring the grass inside the home in small slate or stone planters. You could even add some colour by placing a couple colourful eggs amongst the grass. It will bring back the memories of finding those chocolate crème eggs outside in the yard as a child.

Happy Decorating!

AuthorCamille Pacori