Painting or applying a mural is a great way to add colour, interest or focal point to any space. They can cover a small corner for a subtle touch of art or encompass an entire room in brightly coloured paint for an intense attention grabbing piece. They can whisk you away to another place like a beach or an old world Tuscany cottage.

Traditionally, murals are hand painted permanently onto a wall covering a large surface and quite often incorporate structural elements, pillars and even the ceiling. The prospect of hand painting an entire wall with detail and accuracy may be a daunting task but the outcome is well worth it. If you are not even slightly artistically inclined there are simpler ways to achieve a beautiful wall mural with photo prints, vinyl decals and canvas art.

Painted Wall Murals

Paint a wall mural to match the view seen through a nearby window with soft muted colours to create a relaxing atmosphere. When ever painting a mural make sure to plan ahead and first draw your design in pencil so that you can easily make changes.

This beach mural incorporates the lightly coloured wood flooring into the design. It appears as if the sand continues down from the wall onto the floor. The blue from the wall is pulled through out the rest of the room with the chair and cabinet baskets.

Slightly darker paint can be used to create a shadow mural.

Vinyl Wall Decals

Vinyl decals come in a variety of shapes and colours but are typically not as detailed as a hand painted or printed mural. They are incredibly easy to apply and even simpler to remove so that anyone can do it.

They can be applied to a brightly coloured wall as a focal point.

Photo Wall Mural

Photo wall murals are similar to wallpaper. They come in sheets that you would apply glue to and carefully attach to the wall. Planning and patience is incredibly important when installing these murals as the photo must line up perfectly for consistency.

You can use high quality photos from your personal collection or ones found on the internet.

A single panel photo mural is used in a tight bathroom to make it appear larger.

Mural on Canvas

If you are not interested in applying a decal or painted mural directly to your walls, you can achieve a very similar look with large canvas artwork. You would be able to easily take it with you if you move.

Happy Decorating!

AuthorCamille Pacori