I have this small empty Purdy's chocolate tin that I want to use as a coin bank but feel like it needs to be recovered so that it doesn't look like a box of candy. I get hungry just looking at it! After some consideration I decided the best medium for this project would be Mod Podge. Its very easy to work with, dries fairly fast and works both as an adhesive and protective clear coat. It also doesn't cause scrap book paper to wrinkle or buckle.

Decoupage Crafting Materials

  • Mod Podge
  • Decorative scrap book paper, wrapping paper or unglued wallpaper
  • Craft knife or scissors
  • Ruler or straight edge
  • Paint brush
  • Other embellishments like glitter or rhinestones

Working with Mod Podge

If you have never worked with Mod Podge before there are a couple simple steps to follow no matter what your project is.

First, you will want to measure your object and mark the back side of you paper with pencil as close to those measurements as possible. Its important that the piece of paper you cut will fit exactly inside the part you are covering as its really hard to fix or adjust once the mod podge dries. After you cut your paper place it on the object to make sure it fits. Make any adjustments as necessary.

Once you are satisfied with the size and shape of the paper, apply mod podge to the back side with a paint brush until saturated and apply to the object. You will have a couple seconds to shift the paper around until its fixed in place. Smooth the paper with your finger to remove any air bubbles and to make sure its securely fixed.


After you have the paper applied you can add other cut outs and embellishments. Since Mod Podge is a multi purpose adhesive, it can be used to apply glitter, rhinestones, ribbon, tissue or anything you can think of that is light weight and flexible.

Completed top of my tin coin box.

At this point you could apply 1 or 2 coats of Mod Podge as a protective clear coat but I decided to leave it uncoated.

Happy decoupage!

AuthorCamille Pacori