Chalkboard paint is typically used on the wall in a child's bedroom or toy room to encourage artistic development. It acts as a large piece of reusable paper for drawings or temporary artwork and can serve as a message board or calendar later in life.

While chalkboard paint its great for a child's room its also a very versatile coating that can be applied to pretty much any surface. It comes in a couple different colours and produces a very matte, slightly rough and grainy surface which can transform any item into a small message board or just a place to release some pent up creativity. Below are some unique ideas and inspiration for where to use chalkboard paint around the house.

Thank You Serving Tray

Apply chalkboard paint to a metal serving tray to create a worn and patina finish. The coating will naturally flake off over time which will give it an aged appearance. Just don't place food directly on the tray or you may end eating flakes of dried paint.

Chalkboard Table Top

Coat your casual dining table with black chalkboard paint so that everyone can doodle over dinner. You could even write down the dinner menu for when guests are visiting. 

Mudroom Storage Message Board

Chalkboard paint can be used in the main entrance mudroom as a message board for every family member. They see it when they leave in the morning or come home after work or school so that nothing is forgotten about.

Chalked Up Dresser

Cover a dresser in chalkboard paint and write down what is in each drawer so that children remember where to find certain items of clothing.

Chalkboard Bar Stool

Stools or chairs coated in chalkboard paint make for a fun and interesting conversation piece. Don't forget to wipe off the top when you go to sit down.

Happy Decorating!

AuthorCamille Pacori