There is something fun about sleeping in a loft bed high above the ground. Its probably because it brings back fond memories of sharing bunk beds with friends at summer camp. Everyone wanted the top bunk and it always ended in a race to see who would claim the top. The stragglers would be left with the boring old bottom bunks and there was absolutely no bartering.

Enjoying a loft bed as an adult is not met with the same intensity as it once was but it can still be an exciting and fun experience. It also opens up quite a bit more space for storage or you could even place a desk or seating area underneath.

High Loft Bed

A very high loft opens up quite a bit of head space below for a comfortable seating arrangement which is incorporated into the rest of the room with a large square coffee table. The loft base, framing and ladder blend into the surrounding space by being painted to match the wall colour. Clean and simple lines help keep this room from being excessively busy.

Industrial Rustic Loft Bed

Worn aged woods are complimented with heavy dark wrought iron to create an industrial almost barn like space. A desk is placed under for homework or personal computer time.

Extra Under Bed Storage

A slightly raised bed base allows for ample storage even if its only a couple feet high. Combining your bed and dresser into one piece of furniture means that there is more floor area for other important things like a desk or craft space. Drawers could extend all the way out which could give enough room for an entire wardrobe.

Padded Loft

Padding applied to the ceiling and walls allow you to roll around in bed throughout the night without the chance of hitting your head. It also creates a pillow and cloud like atmosphere which is perfect for sleeping in...unless or course it reminds you of a insane asylum.

Inconspicuous Ladder

A very sleek and inconspicuous vertically mounted ladder serves both as wall art and a way of accessing the upper loft. Since its painted to match the surrounding wall colour you may not even notice it at first glance.

Happy Sleeping!

AuthorCamille Pacori