An outdoor shower lets your enjoy the great outdoors and fresh air while performing one of the many boring activities that are necessary to get your day started. It can also be a way to cool off on hot summer days or even replicate a kiss in the rain. What ever you plan on using it for you will be hooked after one use and you will never want to shower inside again!

Slate Backyard Shower

A wall constructed of slate tiles perfectly frames this backyard open air shower. Great for after a day of sunbathing, playing sports or getting dirty in the garden.

Private Shower Stalls

It would be fairly easy and more cost effective if you install a shower close to an existing hot and cold water line. You wouldn't have to run an entirely new line just for your outdoor shower and may be able to hook it up with only a couple lengths of copper. Next, you would want to build an enclosed stall with a door to keep your outdoor shower time private from the rest of your family.

Secluded Cedar Plank Shower

This secluded shower is made private with a high fence and large trees which means you could enjoy it in the buff without the concern of wondering eyes. It is made even more peaceful with the gentle rain drop shower head. This water then drains directly through a grate onto fine gravel which filters out any impurities before its released back into the ground.

Bathing Suit Beach Shower

Use an old surfboard as a designated open air shower stall. Perfect for a beach or lake side home so that you can quickly wash off the salty ocean or murky lake water. You can even include a foot washing station for dirty days in the garden.

Since its an open air stall that's exposed to the world it may be best to wear a bathing suit unless your secluded from any civilization for miles and miles. 

Mediterranean Tiled Shower

Another open air outdoor shower is finished with Mediterranean inspired tiles which compliment the surrounding stucco and door colour. The water is left to drain away onto the grass and into the garden but consider installing a proper drain if you plan on using soap and shampoo so that you do not damage your flowers.

Happy Decorating!

AuthorCamille Pacori