The most popular garden accessory known to man are the miniature human like creatures called gnomes or garden dwarfs. These little guys have been around since the 1930s but garden statuary was common in Europe as far back as the Renaissance during the 14th century. While these historical items were typically in church gardens or homes of the wealthy I think we can take a little bit of this history and enchant our own gardens with beautiful statues.

Adding accessories, statues and a variety of other items to your yard can add interest and excitement. It makes the garden magical and alive almost like someone or something is living out there. These items can be made from a variety of materials encompassing metals, glass, stones, concrete, ceramics and wood. Sometimes they are typical everyday items that you would have inside your homes likes chairs, dishes, doors and windows.

Playful Steel Horse Statues

Custom hand made life size steel horses create a large garden display. The metal used to create the sculpture naturally rusts to a beautiful red.

Bright and Bold Door Panel

A door panel that is no longer needed is placed in a garden pathway instead of the land fill. Its positioned in such a way just under the three that it looks like its open and welcoming to anyone who walks through it.

Garden Shutters

Old repurposed window shutters line the wall of a planter garden. While they serve absolutely no purpose of blocking light they do look great. The muted colours compliment the surrounding design of the home without being too subtle.

Traditional Gnome

Gnomes are mystical creatures that live in your garden and only come to life when you are not looking. They are easy to place in-between bushes and flowers since they are so small and its fun when you come across one while working in your garden.

Colourful Lizard

Painted ceramic lizards and other small animals add colour and interest to a garden especially when the weather gets cold and the flowers die off. These faux animals blend in with the surrounding space surprisingly well even though you can visually tell that they are fake.

Japanese Stone Statue

Stack or pile stones of different sizes and shapes to create a natural statue. These man made sculptures called cairns can be found all over the world and often symbolise different things depending on the culture.

Happy Decorating!

AuthorCamille Pacori