Selecting patio chairs is an exciting and fun experience as its furniture specifically meant for a good time. There is nothing quite like a beautiful day spent on the patio or deck enjoying a couple drinks, some barbequed food and the company of good friends. What type of patio furniture that you choose will determine the maintenance requirements and durability but no matter what you end up going with its always recommended that you choose a good quality piece of furniture. It will last longer and look better for years to come.

Upholstered Patio Furniture

The idea of putting an upholstered piece of furniture outside in the constantly changing and sporadic weather may be concerning to you. This is a very realistic dilemma as it must stand up against the damaging rays of the sun, soggy torrential downpours and threat of bugs or mildew. You may want to avoid this type of outdoor furniture all together but its not nearly as bad as you think.

Most good quality patio furniture is upholstered with breathable synthetic fabrics that are treated with many chemical processes that make the fibers water repellent and antifungal. These coatings can also help to reduce UV fading. You can even reapply these repellants once they start to ware to prolong the life and beauty of your furniture. It may be argued that patio furniture is not as important and usually doesn't look very good but this couldn't be farther from the truth.

Many manufacturers are creating patio furniture that closely compete with the appearance and quality of high end furniture that you would put inside your home. Its even possible you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the two.

Formed Metal Furniture

While metal furniture is not quite as comfortable there are things can be done to make them more enjoyable. Some are moulded and formed to comfortably cradle your body so that you can spend hours enjoying the sunshine without getting a sore butt. Just be careful when you first sit down as it could be quite hot from the sun. You can also add a small cushion that is easily movable for whenever you need it.

Even though they are not as comfortable they are quite a bit easier to keep clean. A quick wipe down or wash with the hose is all you need for dust and dirt and a short scrub for tougher spots. One recommendation is that you coat your metal furniture in a rust resistant metal paint or coating to reduce the chance of rust.

Wood or Wicker Patio Furniture

Natural wood furniture is a very versatile product since it can be painted or stained to match any décor or style. The only thing to consider is that it must be refinished often and maintained yearly to keep the wood looking beautiful. If this is not done there is a chance that the wood could splinter and feel uncomfortable against your skin which is painful if in a bathing suit or shorts.

You could also combine materials like an upholstered cushion with a wooden frame for the best of both worlds. The natural warmth of the wood with the comfort of fabric.

Happy Lounging!

AuthorCamille Pacori