I think its necessary to unplug from technology every once in a while to relax and unwind. It helps clear the mind, refreshes your perspective and may even help you sleep. Meditate or read a book near an open window to get a good dose of vitamin D and fresh air. The natural light can ward off depression and sleepiness while remaining incredibly calming.

You may like sitting by the window so much that you will want to add a permanent seat or build an alcove so that you can comfortably enjoy this for an hour or two each and every day. I have included a couple window seat inspirations below to spark your imagination.

Built-in Bookshelf Bench Window Seat

You will typically see window seats in a bay or bow windows but that doesn't mean you are restricted to only having a window seat there. Design and build a book shelf around a flat window and install a bench under the sill to simulate a bay window. This will still create the cozy cave like window seat that is perfect for relaxing on and since the bookshelf is near by you will never be without a good book.

Traditional Bay Window Seat

Pretty much any bay window can be converted into a bench with a comfortable cushion and a couple pillows. Just make sure to check that your bay window is securely fastened and built to hold additional weight since these types of windows typically don't have support from below.

Nook Eating Window Bench

If you are lucky enough to have a large bay window in your kitchen you can convert it into additional seating for your dining table. This is a casual place for meals that would typically be for family and close friends.

Loft Like Reading Alcove

A lifted loft like space has been converted into a reading alcove that is surrounded by book shelves and a reading lamp. Its a fairly deep space that you may be able to comfortably nap in. You could bring it up another level by installing a shade system that blocks it off from the rest of the room.

Cave Like Alcove

A very deep yet cozy alcove is built into the middle of a custom bookshelf which is perfect for studying, reading, or just hanging out in. Its kept versatile by not permanently installing a cushion as it can be cleared out and used as a display space.

Under Stair Alcove

The area underneath a stair case is typically wasted space but not in this home. Here its converted into a reading alcove with bookshelves and a cushion on the floor for comfort. A large window was installed to allow natural sunlight in as the area would be dark otherwise.

Happy Decorating!

AuthorCamille Pacori