With the constant improvements in technology, increased production of goods and reduced prices we have become a consumer society. We are not afraid to throw out something even if its not broken just so we can buy this years newest and greatest gadget. With the constant cycle of new products its extremely important to be conscious of the waste we produce.

One way to cut down on personal waste is by installing a compost in your backyard. Even though its a small step towards improving the planet its a great place to start. Its easy, inexpensive and a great way to add some nutrients to your garden.

Tips for an Effective and Well Working Compost

  1. Start your compost on bare ground. Bugs, microorganisms and worms will naturally work their way into the compost helping to speed up the breakdown process.
  2. Mix in starter organic materials like grass clippings and leaves.
  3. Once you have moved your pile to a compost structure mix in straw and other large organic materials to increase natural air flow.
  4. Make sure your compost is slightly damp but not soggy. Dry compost will not breakdown so make sure to water the pile if it starts to feel dry.
  5. Turn your pile every 3-5 days.
  6. Keep adding kitchen scraps, eggs shells and paper towels to your compost.
  7.  Use it in your garden and flower pots for nutrient rich plants.

Backyard Compost

If you have a larger backyard consider installing a compost tumbler in a location that gets a lot of natural light. The heat from the sun will speed up the compost process while the tumbler will make it easy to mix.

These come in many darker colours that will fit in with most exterior décor.

Tight on space

Apartment Countertop Compost

Even if you don't have the space or you live in an apartment building you can start a small countertop compost. You may be concerned with the smell of rotting plant matter wafting through your kitchen but many compost pails come with very effective filters. They not only smell good but they look great and are designed to fit in with your surrounding décor and style.

Since compost breaks down into a finer material you will be able to keep adding to it for a while. Leave it in the sun so that this process happens quicker and in no time you will be left with enough compost for a couple house plants.

Happy Composting

AuthorCamille Pacori