Crystal reflects light in such a way that it casts an array of colours in multiple directions. Its pretty, chic, feminine and the way that is sparkles is reminiscent of diamonds. Its so eye catching that even just a small crystal element or accessory can have a huge impact on the surrounding space. Almost anything can be adorned by crystal in a variety of ways and can compliment any type of space.

Bling Bathroom

Small Swarovski crystals can be applied to any fixture or hard surface to add a little bit of bling. This polished chrome towel rack is made even more eye catching with clear crystal rhinestones.

Cut Crystal Sink Bowl

Cut crystal reflects light in many directions which helps make these fine designs stand out. As soon as the light is turned on the only thing you would notice are these very pretty details. This crystal sink bowl is made more interesting and fluid with the circular design.

Sparkling Decanters

A collection of crystal liquor decanters are displayed in a library reading space. Even though they are empty and unused they hint at this room being a place to unwind and relax.

You could group any collection of crystal objects for a dramatic display.

Crystal Knobs

Update any piece of furniture with beautiful crystal knobs. Switching out hardware is probably one of the easiest, quickest and cheapest ways to completely change the look of a dresser or side table and is a subtle introduction to crystal.


The most popular crystal accessories are chandeliers. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs and can be used in most dining rooms. Very small chandeliers can be used as pendants for over top of kitchen islands and front entrances.

Happy decorating!

AuthorCamille Pacori