A mosaic is traditionally created by arranging tiles, stone or glass into a picture or pattern on a hard surface like a wall or floor. They can cover an entire area or only a small section and range from basic details to elaborate and well thought out pictures.

Even though mosaics originate from Greece they have evolved to compliment modern homes and different materials and techniques are being used because of this. I have included just a small number of these techniques as inspiration to get you started.

Gradient Colours

Three to five different colours of mosaic tiles can be used to achieve a gradient wall. Start with the darkest tile on the bottom and work your way up incorporating more and more of the lighter colours until you are using just the last colour. This can be done with or without a pattern but it will look more fluid without one.

Smashed Plate Mosaic

Recycle old china or porcelain dishes by smashing them into pieces and stick them into concrete . This can be done with any type, shape of colour of dishes. Mix and match different pieces for a rainbow of colours or use one type for a consistent and monotone mosaic. 

Asymmetrical Mosaic Underwater Scene

An entire underwater scene is created with different tiles in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes. This type of project must be planned well in advance and should only be attempted by a seasoned mosaic expert.

Mini Stone Mosaic Details

Small stones are set into the empty spaces of a flagstone walkway and are secured with grout. This is a great way to create a more finished appearance and try your hand at a small and simple mosaic project. You can even place a couple little glass beads to add just a hint of colour.

Painted Faux Mosaic

Applying tile can be a huge undertaking and to most is a daunting task. It has to be done perfect the first time or the entire mosaic could look off and its even harder to fix these mistakes once the mud is set. If you want the look of a tile mosaic but you're just not ready to tackle such a large project consider using tape and paint to create a very similar appearance. Use masking tape to section off areas that you do not want painted and once you are happy with the design paint the entire wall. Once its dry remove all of the tape for an instant eye catching mosaic. This is also a very inexpensive project that costs just a fraction of real tile.

Happy Decorating!

AuthorCamille Pacori