The upcoming Canada Day celebration is a much needed break from the crazy week that I had to endure. Between the nasty stomach bug that I have been trying to get over since last Sunday and the mountainous pile of work at the office I just couldn't  find the time or energy to post a blog entry. Its even harder to get back into it after a week long hiatus but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to write about Canada Day!

Barbeques, beer and fireworks is the perfect combination for this celebratory day and I will be enjoying my fair share of all three. If you are planning a last minute party use the following inspiration to add the finishing touches to your Canada Day celebration.

Red and White Streamers

Hang red and white dollar store streamers from the ceiling to transform any space into a party room. If you are looking for something more elegant consider using strips of red and white fabric in place of the streamers.

Thirst Quenchers

While alcoholic beverages are typically the top choices for any type of party consider having a tub of alcohol free thirst quenching drinks available. Having fruit flavoured water on hand will help to curve the possibility of dehydration which could reduce the severity of a hang over.

Fully Stocked Snack Bar

A rolling cart fully stocked with snacks is a must for any party. It can be used to hold a variety of different items like appetizers, chips, dessert or a combination of all three. Use it as your main drink station or plate and cutlery holder. Add a sign that says help yourself so that guests don't need to ask you for anything!

Completely Stocked Bar

When ever planning a party its essential that you have a well stocked bar with a variety of liquors and drink mixers. Even if you don't have a build in wet bar use a small cart as an alternative or clear off some counter space to be used as a temporary bar. Make sure to have lots of ice, garnishes and straws.

Happy Canada Day celebration!

AuthorCamille Pacori