I'm pretty sure that you could agree with me that its fairly easy to sit outside in the sun enjoying the warm weather no matter the condition of your patio. We get maybe 2 or 3 months of decent weather before it starts snowing again so we make sure to take advantage of what we can get. While it may not always be in the plans for a full patio renovation there are ways to spruce up your outdoor space for very little.

Outdoor Living Room

Bring the indoors out by accessorizing your patio with decorative side tables, an area rug and some bright and colourful décor. This is a great way to update your patio or deck without going over budget and you will want to spend more time outside enjoying this summer "room". 

Patio Artwork

Install a couple pieces of artwork around your patio space to add another layer of interest. Just make sure that they are made from a material that will stand up against the elements. A metal that will naturally rust or patina over time will only improve with age and usually benefit from the rain and sun.

Stone, concrete and ceramic art can also stand up against years of constant weather changes without needing to be replaced. You can even find some very nice metal or ceramic patio décor at your local Wal-Mart which will add an instant charm to your outdoor space.

Patio Privacy

If you are in a residentially dense area you may find it hard to enjoy your patio in complete privacy. Sometimes your neighbours are directly across from you within eyesight and can see everything from what you are eating to what type of wine you are enjoying. A simple and easy solution is to install a privacy screen made from wood slats or lattice. It can be used not only for privacy but for decorative purposes as well. 

Combine that with some comfortable throw cushions, beautiful flowers and lanterns for a well planned and comfortable patio.

Happy Decorating!

AuthorCamille Pacori