Even though its easier to store all of your books electronically on a tablet and is more convenient when moving there is something that just can't beat the appearance of a fully stocked bookcase. It adds culture, intellect and curiosity to any room while remaining unpretentious and humble. Old and aged books have a history behind them that just can't be achieved with a tablet. While the books themselves hold great importance what you place them in is just as essential and should be carefully considered.

Don't choose anything too big or too small for your collection as you may find empty or over crowded shelves which can be unappealing. If you do find you have some excess space make sure to get bookends so that the books don't tip over as this could cause damage over time. Fill in larger spaces with décor and remove some books if you have to squeeze them in. Below are some bookcase inspirations to give you an idea of how you may want to display your book collection.

Camouflaged Bookcase

Build a book case in the same colour as the walls so that it blends in with the surrounding space. Then add baseboard trim to the bottom for a consistent and uninterrupted transition from wall to bookcase. If you weren't paying attention you may not even notice it.

Sunken Wall Bookcase

Sink a bookcase in-between wall studs of a fairly deep wall for additional unobstructed space. It must be a thick enough wall approximately 10" deep so there will be enough space for regular sized books. A standard 2x4 wall will only give you about 3" of depth which is good only for small trinkets and mini books.

Slanted Chrome Bookcase

A highly polished and shiny bookcase serves as a contemporary addition to any space. The slanted shelves add another level of interest and even acts as a focal point. You would never need to use a bookend again as the gravity would keep the books aligned.

Bookcase Room Divider

Use a very large floor to ceiling bookcase as a room divider to separate living spaces. It can be used to section off a personal office or homework station or even just divide the kitchen from the living room. Add books and other items to increase the privacy between one side of the room to the other.

Diagonal Wall Bookcase

Install wood boards diagonally across one another onto a feature wall for a unique and functional focal point. While these diamond shaped shelves can be left empty to act purely as a design element they can also be put to good use by storing books. Just like the chrome bookcase gravity keeps the books aligned.

Happy Reading!

AuthorCamille Pacori