While decks made from beautifully stained woods are warm and inviting its not always the appropriate material for all applications. A specific look can only be achieved by using a darker and more solid material like stone or concrete pavers, and they will stand up to years of use without ever having to be refinished or painted. Below are some examples of stone and concrete patios to get you started with your next outdoor project.

Contemporary Slate Patio

Differently coloured rectangular pieces of slate are placed together for a very clean and contemporary outdoor living space. Its kept interesting by mixing copper and blue coloured slate into one patio.

Irregular Stone Patio

Random pieces of flagstone or sandstone are pieced together like a puzzle for a very organic and natural patio. Some of the stones were cut to better fit in their spot while others didn't need to be touched.

Interspaced Concrete Slabs

Large individually shaped concrete slabs are placed along a pathway which serves as both a sturdy walkway and small patio area perfect for relaxing. These would probably be poured on site as they are quite large to place on top of the grass.

Put a Spin on Everyday Concrete Pavers

Basic flat concrete pavers are carefully positioned so that they are equally and evenly spaced from one another. The gap in-between the pavers are then filled with similar coloured stones for a monotone patio which is complimented with brightly coloured wire chairs.

Unique Concrete Pavers

Rectangular concrete plank pavers are placed on the ground in a staggered fashion to create a visually unique patio. Spaces that are left open are filled with small dark pebbles or green grass for textural interest and a natural appearance.

Happy Paving!

AuthorCamille Pacori