Whether you are treated to breakfast in bed Sunday mornings or like to read a couple emails just before going to bed its always a good idea to have a solid and sturdy surface to perform these tasks on. You can splurge on an elaborate and carefully designed roll away table or keep things simple with a small lap tray. You will being doing more than just saving yourself the headache of a spilled glass of orange juice or an overheated laptop that was smothered by fluffy blankets.

Rollaway Bedroom Table

A slim rectangular table placed on casters can be pulled up overtop of your legs while laying in bed which is perfect for enjoying a cup of tea while reading a book. You can then tuck the table away by rolling it down by the foot of the bed . Its possible to even roll it against a wall to act as a temporary table or shelf.

Bedside Mattress table

This simple and ingenuous table has multiple prongs which can be slid underneath the mattress anywhere along the length of the bed. It can also be moved to other beds or even some sofas.

Simple Tray

A high rimmed tray is a perfect and inexpensive solution for enjoying a delicious breakfast in bed. Any spills or drips would be caught within the tray and its light enough to place it directly on your lap.  

Breakfast Tray

Breakfast trays are specifically designed for breakfast in bed as the short legs rest on either side of you which keeps the tray off your lap. They are usually designed with handles so that carrying it to and from the bed is as simple as toast.

Happy Relaxing!

AuthorCamille Pacori