Multiple terrace levels and alternating different layers of materials not only add interest to your outdoor space but its a great alternative for either a subtle or extremely sloped yard. It creates flat grass sections that are better suited for patio seating and leveled garden spaces that allow plants to strive.

Terraced Garden

Four levels of a flower garden is created with slate or flagstone for an organic and fluid appearance. A stone pathway curves up along to each level of the garden for easy and quick access throughout the yard without affecting the overall design of the space.

Alternating Garden with Grass

Change each level of terrace between garden and grass for a visually interesting yard that never gets boring. This particular terrace looks great on a large slope yard since each level is greatly defined and does not blend in with each other.

Gentle Sloped Terrace

A large impact can be achieved by landscaping a gentle slope with equal levels of concrete and grass. Small well manicured bush planters placed along the concrete walls add height without distracting you away from the interest of the layered terrace.

Faux Terrace Backyard

Landscaping a multileveled terrace can be quite expensive since hundreds, maybe even thousands of cubic meters of soil must be moved. Building a stone, wood or metal retaining wall for each level can also increase the budget necessary to achieve a stable and well draining yard that will withstand years of weather.

You can cut down the overall cost quite a bit by creating a faux terrace by installing low lying stones, pavers or wood planks at equal or varying distances up a gentle slope. These stones don't even need to cover the entire length of the yard but can be placed to line up with other details like planters, trees and architectural elements.

Happy Gardening!

AuthorCamille Pacori