If you are anything like me you may find yourself running out of storage space for your precious shoes. While this statement may confuse you into thinking that I own a mountainous pile of stilettos, flats and sneakers this is absolutely not the case. I actually have a very reserved collection of shoes. The problem is that you don't even have to own very many pairs before they start to take over every available inch of extra space.

While I am lucky to only indulge my shoe obsession from afar I realize that I still must figure out what to do with my shoes that I currently own. They always seem to be all over the place and can be quite the tripping hazard.

Revolving Shoe Carousel

A circular revolving shoe storage shelf is great for awkward and tight corners. They work in the same way that a lazy Susan would in kitchen corner cabinets, if you cant reach what's in the back you just give the shelf a turn. You could potentially store 16-20 pairs in a fairly small area while keeping them protected and looking great.

Crown Moulding Shoe Shelf

An easy, inexpensive and unique shoe storage solution that you can get at any building/hardware store is crown moulding. This particular piece of trim is cut at a 45 degree angle which makes it perfect for storing any shoe with a heel. You can mount it anywhere along the wall in a continuous length or in smaller sections which is great for any unused wall space.

Under Stair Shoe Storage

While the renovation required to convert the stairs into drawers could be difficult I think it would be absolutely worth it since you would be able to gain just a little bit more space in an area typically looked over. This is especially useful if you have already squeezed out as much storage space as possible from all other areas in your home.

Happy Fabulous Storing!

AuthorCamille Pacori