Crown moulding is a decorative trim that is typically added to the very top of all walls in a room. Its a 30-45 degree angled moulding that creates a smooth transition from the ceiling to the wall while also adding some detail and interest.

While you may think that crown moulding is reserved for traditional homes only, its actually quite versatile and can be used to compliment most design styles.  It can be built up using many different layers and combinations of detail for a very traditional appearance or it can be kept simplified and square for a modern or contemporary touch. Adding paint or stain can also completely change the appearance either helping it to blend in or causing it to stand out.

Its not only versatile in style but can be used in many different applications. It can be applied to pretty much any horizontal or vertical surface to completely change the appearance of the item its being applied to.

Kitchen Cabinets and Crown Moulding

Adding crown moulding to the tops of your kitchen cabinets can create an illusion of taller and more grand cabinets. This can also help to make your ceiling look higher and you wont be losing valuable storage since the area above cabinets its usually just wasted space perfect for collecting years of dust and grime. 

Smaller trim pieces can be added to the bottom of the cabinets to balance out the appearance and will stop it from looking top heavy.

Crown Moulding Shelf

Use a large piece of crown moulding placed horizontally at any height for a beautiful and unique shelf. Once its secured to the wall add a flat piece of MDF or wood on top for a sturdy shelf. Omit the top piece if you would rather hook items over the edge.

Built in Bookshelf

A small crown moulding and heavy side casings were added to this built in bookcase to make it stand out from the wall. It almost looks as if its a separate free standing piece of furniture while still complimenting the rest of the trim work in the room.

Fireplace Mantle with Crown Moulding

A heavy fireplace mantle with a lot detail can be achieved by applying crown moulding to the top. Add multiple layers and different trims for a truly unique fire place!

Happy Decorating!

AuthorCamille Pacori