This post is a little off topic from design and decorating but non the less important.

So unfortunately Christmas came early for us here in Calgary. Now I don't mean we got some frost or a light dusting of snow, I mean we got a boat load. It fell for two whole days straight and we ended up getting about 20 centimeters in some areas of the city! While its not unusual for snow to fall before Halloween, its incredibly rare for it to be so wet and heavy.

While snow like this doesn't really affect us very much it did have a detrimental consequence on pretty much every tree in the city. The leaves have yet to fall off which means all this weight kept piling up throughout the night. After a while tree limbs just started breaking....everywhere! You cannot drive down a single street in the city without seeing this catastrophe.

With fallen trees come fallen power lines and many blackouts. We were lucky enough to wake up Wednesday morning with absolutely no power. I never realized how much I rely on being able to switch on a light until I couldn't. Thankfully, we had a couple candles laying around the house because we like it to smell nice, not because we were prepared.

While this emergency wasn't actually an emergency and only lasted a couple days it really drives home the point of being prepared. If we would have been without power for more than one day I'm not sure what we would have done.

I am no expert but I recommend at least having a three day disaster emergency kit. Start with the basics like food, water, a first aid kit, some candles and matches. Research online for exactly what you and your family should have at all times. It really is important to be ready for anything.

Happy Surviving!


AuthorCamille Pacori