I absolutely love autumn decorations and crafts. Something about all the beautiful colours that the leaves turn when the temperature starts to drop just gets me into the crafty mood. I decided to start my autumn crafts with a big, bushy and beautiful wreath that was hugely inspired by Recaptured Charm.

Coffee Filter Wreath Materials

  • Foam wreath form
  • Unbleached coffee filters approximately 150-200
  • Low Temp hot glue gun
  • Wire or ribbon
  • Fall decorations, pumpkins, gourds, flowers, burlap, etc.
  • Scissors


Start by attaching a wire or ribbon to hang your wreath. It would be quite difficult to add this after all the coffee filters are on and I'm glad I didn't have to fight with it after. Next, prepare your filters by pinching the center then pulling it through a circle created by your fingers. You will get the hang of this fairly quickly as its not essential that the filters are perfect.

 Don't mind the bright and blurry photo.

Don't mind the bright and blurry photo.

After you have pulled the filters through your fingers you can then fold the tip 1/2 inch the way up. The folded edge is where you will be attaching it to the wreath form.

Apply a dap of glue to the folded side then attach it to the wreath in a consistent band around the center. I don't thing it matters which way they face but I applied them all in the same direction because I'm a little bit OCD. The closer you attach the filters to one another the fuller the wreath will look.

Continue applying the filters in a circle until you end up where you started. You will then need to do the exact same thing on the inside and the outside of the circle. I attached 4 bands of filters to completely cover every visible inch of foam.

If you like the way it looks you can leave it exactly like that or you can add some other fall decorations for more detail and interest.

I added a couple burlap roses, twig balls, glittered nuts and mini pumpkins. Absolutely stunning! 

Happy Crafting!

AuthorCamille Pacori