This is a collection of past projects I have worked on or completed and will include everything from artwork , school assignments, homemade décor and DIYs . I will be adding to this page anytime I complete a new project. 

Banana Blueberry Muffins Loafs
Decoupage Coin Tin
Hole Punch Paper Art
Last Minute Easter Wreaths
Easter Egg Chick Craft
Easter Egg Cone Tree DIY
Easter Tulip Bowl DIY
Easy and Tasty Pot Stickers
Cauliflour Pizza Crust Recipe
Spring Time Doily Bowl DIY
Saucy Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
Crocheted Reusable Grocery Bag
Champagne Birthday Cake Pops
DIY Paper Flower Wreath

Past School Assignments

Modern Chair Model

This is a scale model of a modern chair which I completed during my decorating course. It took many hours and a whole lot of frustration to complete and with all the time I spent making this beautiful piece of art you would think that I would be able to remember the name of the chair, Nope! I think it is safe to call it Red Chair. It was constructed with a combination of foam, batting, wooden dowels and discount bin fabric. The reason we were asked to attempt this project was to improve our presentation displays. Many people can get a better idea of what they want when they can see it, even if its tiny.

Kitchen Scale Model

A very rough scale model of a kitchen. This was a very time consuming and tedious project which required remaking some parts multiple times. Lets just say I used a lot of glue and tape. The textures represent different types of materials which would have been displayed on the legend. This is something I no longer have but I would guess the counter is granite, the cabinets are a light maple and the walls are green.

For a group project we modeled a Mexican themed living room. Check out that sweet cactus made out of foam, tooth picks and clay! 

One Point Perspective

This style of drawing utilizes one vanishing point where all horizontal lines converge at the same point. Using this technique is a great way to achieve proper proportion between each item relative to distance. I know this sounds mathematical but it is quite easy once you get the hang of it.